Amphorica technology provides
time and temperature sensitive
logistics managers with peace of mind.

Over 20 years of experience leading Artificial Intelligence algorithm development and implementation, including 10 years as a tech start-up entrepreneur. Expert in AI and Machine-Learning, key core technologies in Amphorica’s unique IP. Most recently Raviv co-founded and managed R&D for Elm (FKA AirBase), the AI-powered air quality company that was acquired by PerkinElmer (NYSE: PKI ) in 2014.

Raviv Yatom

CTO & Cofounder

Over 20 years of experience in International Sales, Marketing, Business Development and General Management in international, entrepreneurial hi-tech startup businesses, including a couple of his own data-centric, Internet-related startup companies. Multiple years of experience in working with large multi-national corporations, including IBM, NEC, Dell, Microsoft & Apple Computer.

Eldad Granot

CEO & Cofounder

“Getting pharmaceuticals to their destination on time, in perfect condition, requires high precision logistics management with very low failure tolerance. Amphorica’s technology ensures that your patients get their medicine at the best condition possible every single time”.

Eran Katz

Head of Advisory Board & Investor. Former EVP at Teva Pharmaceuticals, Operations, Business Processes, Strategy and Operational excellence

Logistics services companies and logistics managers are facing a higher demand for better customer experience. To be able to do that they need technology like Amphorica’s”.

Roger Crook

Investor & Advisor. Former CEO, DHL Global Forwarding

“Amphorica’s logistics optimization and process automation technology platform is the most cutting edge AI technology available in the market today”

Patricia Falco Beccalli

Investor, Falco Global Partners

“Amphorica’s AI tools provide a unique advantage for logistics decision makers in time- and temperature-sensitive industries in a predictable and reliable yet economically optimized manner”

Peter Salzer

Board Director & Investor, Falco Global Partners

Deep-tech AI predicts pitfalls, dodges trouble:

Amphorica’s predictive algorithm technology autonomously identifies potential logistical snags before they occur or escalate. The technology works behind the scenes to preemptively prevent logistical failures with little to no human intervention required.

How does Amphorica’s AI solve practical, day-to-day logistical issues?

Amphorica’s artificial intelligence powers actionable problem-solving optimization and process automation, allowing logistics managers to improve services, lower costs, raise network resilience, and minimize operational and financial risk.‏

Existing technology isn’t enough

In today’s global environment, last generation solutions fall short. Logistics managers need visibility, traceability and real-time alerts only attainable from a cutting edge, AI and data-powered platform.

"What's measured improves"

Peter Drucker

Issues we target

Workers frustrated from constantly dealing with logistics

“We are like firefighters in a constant, exhausting battle”

Data tracking is time-consuming and inconclusive

“I spend hours tracking and aggregating data, and I still am not sure what the best next step is”

Loss and Damage

“There are just too many unknowns and uncertainties, resulting in delivery loss and expensive compensation”

Assets are underutilized

“If only there was a way to plan for every possible contingency, we could cut our costs down significantly”

Delays and Lateness

“We are losing customers due to delivery delays, and we are powerless to improve our processes”

Logistics is highly prone to human errors

“Human data handling is inaccurate – we are, after all, only human and sometimes we make mistakes”

Innovating Transportation Logistics

Powered by advanced AI algorithm technologies, goods and products reach their destinations on time, in the perfect condition at the lowest possible cost, to the highest satisfaction of all stakeholders

Do you ship pharmaceuticals? Choose a smart logistics tech solution

Time- and temperature- sensitive pharmaceuticals require efficient, fool-proof, cold chain logistical management. From first mile to last mile, environmental and climate conditions must be monitored, regulatory compliance and timelines need to be met. Large data sets are collected, aggregated and analyzed to ensure safe transfer of critical shipments.

Are you going Bananas?
Amphorica helps you keep your produce FRESH

Real-time alerts, shipment traceability, end-to-end visibility of logistical process status across the food supply chain is crucial. Amphorica offers automated logistics optimization, seamlessly interfacing with the entire chain of multiple stakeholders and non-integrated systems, to ensure optimal service levels, under optimal costs and conditions.

Amphorica offers an easy transition from outdated retrospective data analysis to cutting edge, prospective data analytics powered decision making

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Avoid human errors and predict failures and complications before they occur escalate / arise

Identified service gaps early on

Enabled corrective intervention

Provided real time operational data tools

Predicted failures and preemptively avoided them

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