Eldad Granot, Amphorica’s CEO interview with investor Patricia Falco Beccalli at Mentorit.TV

A conversation between Amphorica’s CEO and cofounder Eldad Granot at Mentorit.TV hosted by Patricia Falco Beccalli (Szarvas) about logistics, featuring how AI powered technology will improve our daily life. Topics featured on this video:

1. Logistics being the ”operating system” of global economy

2. The complexity of moving parts in today’s world

3. The need for logistics to be; time efficient (delivered on time), financial efficient (on budget), quality efficient (in shipshape)

4. Pharmaceutical logistics: how AI enables perfect delivery of time and temperature critical logistics for vaccines and medicine

5. How data from different sources is helping managers make smart business decisions

6. Predictive part of AI: when disruption happens, there is something you can do to minimize loss

7. CEOs and CTO’s can benefit from AI powered solutions to make better decisions in times of crisis and disruption. Watch video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoEmFEmS_H8

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