Raviv Yatom, Amphorica’s CTO interview with investor Patricia Falco Beccalli at Mentorit.TV

A conversation between Amphorica’s CTO and cofounder Raviv Yatom at Mentorit.TV hosted by Patricia Falco Beccalli (Szarvas) about how AI powered logistics technology will change our life for the better. Topics featured in this video:

1. Efficiency needed in the $8 Trillion business of logistics

2. Artificial intelligence as a tool to make our lives easier

3. The human mind vs. AI when there are high number of variables to consider

4. Live demo of Amphorica’s platform showing how to estimate costs, improve calculate margins, analyze operations and service quality levels, all in real-time

5. How big an organization has to be to benefit form AI tools

6. Post pandemic growing need for resilience in the logistics sector

7. Where do we go from here in smart logistics.

Watch Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbBmVA4iuL8

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